Sector: Insulation

Market Overview: This section focuses on insulation products, which is the material that most professionals rely on to help reduce energy costs and make a building more energy-efficient. In recent years, updated building codes like the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) administered by the International Code Council require a building to have a tighter envelope and more insulation. Insulation is evaluated based on how effectively it traps heat or R-Value, and builders and consumers are demanding products that are higher in R-Value. Because of this, insulation is becoming a key part of energy efficiency retrofits and new construction. 

This is good news for an industry with a large manufacturing presence in the United States and the ability to serve both domestic and export markets with various insulation product choices. The supply chain, which is very short and consists of mainly chemical inputs, is also, for the most part, domestically sourced.

Fiberglass insulation is a popular product choice among professional and DIY installers and is used in a variety of applications. Despite some concerns over health issues, further discussed in this website's "Minimize Harmful Chemicals" section, foamed plastic is gaining popularity in residential settings given its high R-value. Insulation manufacturers offer a wide range of insulation materials beyond these two major materials, like cellulose, polystyrene, or mineral wool. Many common materials have health concerns due to chemical components. As a result, some manufacturers are developing advanced materials like aerogels or non-toxic products like natural fibers or mycelium.

Company Location
Henry Company Ontario, California
Henry Company Bartow, Florida
Henry Company Indianapolis, Indiana
Henry Company LaGrange, Ohio
Henry Company Garland, Texas
Henry Company Houston, Texas
Henry Company Ontario, California
Henry Products, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona
Hess Perlite Malad City, Idaho
Hess Perlite Malad City, Idaho
Hexion Inc. Columbus, Ohio
Hexion Inc. Louisville, Kentucky
Hexion Inc. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Homasote Company West Trenton, New Jersey
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Morris Plains, New Jersey
Houston Foam Plastics Houston, Texas
Houston Foam Plastics El Paso, Texas
Hunter Panels Franklin Park, Illinois
Hunter Panels Lake City, Florida
Hunter Panels Portland, Maine
Hunter Panels Montgomery, New York
Hunter Panels Smithfield, Pennsylvania
Hunter Panels Terrell, Texas
Hunter Panels Tooele, Utah
Hunter Panels Puyallup, Washington
Huntsman Corporation The Woodlands, Texas
ICL Industrial Products St. Louis, Mississippi
ICL Industrial Products Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia
ICP Adhesives and Sealants Akron, Ohio
ICP Adhesives and Sealants Tomball, Texas
ICP Adhesives and Sealants Akron, Ohio
ICP Adhesives and Sealants Norton, Ohio
Icynene Houston, Texas
IKO Industries, Ltd. Wilmington, Delaware
IKO Industries, Ltd. Sylacagua, Alabama
IKO Industries, Ltd. Kankakee, Illinois
IKO Industries, Ltd. Sumas, Washington
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Vicksburg, Michigan
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Escondido, California
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. La Porte, Texas
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Quincy, Florida
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Youngsville, North Carolina
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. San Jose, California
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Green River, Wyoming
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Superior, Arizona
Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc. Antonito, Colorado
Incide Technologies, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona
Innovative Energy, Inc. Lowell, Indiana
Innovative Insulation Inc. Arlington, Texas