Building Clean’s Commitment to Justice and Equity

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Our Commitment to Justice & Equity

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice to Building Clean means alleviating the blight and environmental harm placed on communities of color, resulting in unsafe and disproportionate exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants from building products. Building Clean is dedicated to ensuring justice and equity through purposeful actions and education on healthier and non-toxic building materials in affordable housing and safer fenceline communities.

The BlueGreen Alliance Equity Platform 

The BlueGreen Alliance’s Solidarity for Racial Equity Platform is designed to ensure that the organizations' environmental and economic policy work will lessen economic, racial, and environmental injustice across the United States in ways that are as mutually reinforcing as their causes and lead to a more just society. The platform highlights multiple program priorities which correlate to Building Clean’s environmental justice and equity mission. 

Where Building Clean’s mission is uplifted in the equity platform’s priorities 

  • Fund Holistic Upgrades for Schools and Housing for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and Other Disadvantaged Communities to Create Efficient, Healthy, Accessible, and Climate Resilient Buildings;
  • Make Drinking Water Safe and Affordable Starting with Lead Service Lines in Disenfranchised and Marginalized Communities;
  • Enhance Career Pathways and Expand Job Quality and Opportunities for People of Color; 
  • Reduce Disproportionate Exposure to Pollution; 
  • Make Fenceline Communities Safer;
  • Invest in Community Prosperity and Resilience to Climate Change; and
  • Protect Our Workers by Making Jobs Cleaner and Safer.