National Gypsum Company

1218 S.W. Mill Road Medicine Lodge, KS 67104 United States
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Product description(s)
gypsum board, fire-rated gypsum board, fiberglass mat faced gypsum sheathing, gypsum shaft liner, fiberglass mat faced moisture resistant gypsum board, gypsum plaster and finishing products, glass mat roof board, drywall
CSI code / Product type
06 16 43 Gypsum sheathing
06 16 53 Moisture-resistant sheathing board
07 30 00 Steep slope roofing
09 23 00 Gypsum plastering
09 26 13 Gypsum veneer plastering
09 29 00 Gypsum board
09 29 82 Gypsum board fireproofing
Brand name(s)
gypsum products manufactured at this facility typically have a low synthetic gypsum content and a high natural gypsum content. The natural gypsum quarry that supplies this gypsum product plant is located at 20672 White Sands, Sun City, KS 67143, which is about 22 miles away.
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Site
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Site
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