Polyethylene glycol nonylphenyl ether (NPE)

Polyethylene glycol nonylphenyl ether (NPE) is used as a foaming aid in spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

How can this chemical affect my health?

Acute (Short Term) Effects

Orange eye irritant symbol Irritates the Eyes – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the eye.

yellow toxic to humans and animals symbol Toxic to Humans & Animals – Can be fatal on contact, ingestion or inhalation for humans and other mammals.

yellow skin irritant symbol Irritates the Skin – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the skin.

Chronic (Long Term) Effects

orange reproductive harm symbol Reproductive Harm – Can disrupt the male or female reproductive systems, changing sexual development, behavior or functions, decreasing fertility, or resulting in loss of the fetus during pregnancy.

orange endocrine disruption symbol Endocrine Disruption – Can interfere with hormone communication between cells which controls metabolism, development, growth, reproduction and behavior (the endocrine system).


What are safer alternatives?

  • GOOD – Use in limited circumstances where SPF is the only viable option, such as uneven interior foundation walls.
  • BETTER – Use non-chemical applications such as mortar, if possible, on smaller projects.
  • BEST – Consider other forms of insulation, such as mineral wool, cellulose or fiberglass.

Effects detailed above can occur at various stages of the product’s lifetime, not just during usage. All have been included to provide a complete picture of the chemical’s danger.

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