Sector: Joint Sealants

Market Overview: Sealant use in construction continues to steadily increase due to its importance in forming ever-critical air/water barriers. The barriers are energy efficient and serve to improve occupants' health by blocking out pests and pollution. As public interest in green building grows, so does the use of sealants. Water-based sealants are dominating the market with the concern over toxicants from solvents. Additionally, manufacturers are moving to develop renewable alternatives for the petrochemical base of sealants. Vegetable oils are one base currently in use. The rate of new construction and renovations, along with worldwide legislation on solvent emissions, will continue to influence the growth of sealants. Demand for sealants is expected to outpace adhesives in the near term, enhancing manufacturing production levels and associated supply opportunities.

Large multinational companies—both domestic and foreign—dominate the market, with Henkel, 3M, H.B. Fuller, and Dow together having nearly 50% market share. Mergers and acquisitions in the sealant and chemical industries continue at a rapid pace. This can lead to some disruption in production as supplier product lists are consolidated and manufacturers have to reformulate. 

Transnational corporations also tailor compositions to local market conditions, reflecting regulations on content. Restrictions on the use of toxic substances vary greatly between states, countries, and chemicals regulated.

Company Location
Unimin Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Unimin Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Unimin Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Union Carbide Corporation Hahnville, Louisiana
Union Carbide Corporation North Seadrift, Texas
Union Carbide Corporation Texas City, Texas
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Swedesboro, New Jersey
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Cleveland, Ohio
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Independence, Ohio
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Walton Hills, Ohio
Valtris Specialty Chemicals Fort Worth, Texas
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Bethel, Connecticut
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Norwalk, Connecticut
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Murray, Kentucky
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Bath, South Carolina
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Gouverneur, New York
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Pharump, Nevada
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Robbins, North Carolina
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Norwalk, Connecticut
Vanderbilt Minerals LLC Murray, Kentucky
Velsicol Chemical LLC Rosemont, Illinois
Velsicol Chemical LLC Memphis, Tennessee
Vinavil Americas Corporation Deerfield Beach, Florida
Vinavil Americas Corporation West Chicago, Illinois
Wacker Chemie AG Calvert City, Kentucky
Wacker Chemie AG Adrian, Michigan
Wacker Chemie AG North Canton, Ohio
Wacker Chemie AG Chino, California
Weather-Bloc Systems West Allis, Wisconsin
Wedron Silica Company Wedron, Illinois
Westlake Chemical Corporation Houston, Texas
Westlake Chemical Corporation Lake Charles, Louisiana
Westlake Chemical Corporation Plaquemine, Louisiana
Westlake Chemical Corporation New Martinsville, West Virginia
White Lightning Lawrenceville, Georgia
White Lightning Cleveland, Ohio
York Manufacturing Sanford, Maine