Sector: Lighting

Market Overview: Lighting is one of the easiest ways to realize energy savings in a retrofit and the push to achieve significant savings through innovation and new lighting technologies is greater than ever. The lighting and bulb market—incandescent bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and parts and components—has been steadily declining for several years as LEDs have grown from a small market share to being fully dominant over the last decade. While incandescent lighting is still manufactured domestically, it has been relegated to specialty uses and almost all U.S. manufacturing has disappeared. LEDs are supplanting fluorescent lighting as consumers are willing to pay the higher up-front costs to have a more energy-efficient, flexible, and durable product in their buildings. 

Due to this switch to LED technologies, manufacturing opportunities in the energy-efficient lighting fixtures and components sector are growing. Many countries, including the United States, have banned the use of incandescent fixtures. This provides a significant export opportunity for U.S. manufacturers of LED technologies. In general, innovation and the creation of new products such as "smart lighting systems" (which can analyze data and communicate with each other to adjust lights automatically) will be primary factors for growth in this market.

The energy-efficient lighting market is mixed when it comes to U.S. manufacturing content. Imports will continue to be strong for component electronic parts and low-end consumer LED bulbs. Currently, the majority of U.S. demand for lighting fixtures is met with imports—mostly from China. The lighting sector has a highly dynamic and globalized supply chain with some components exclusively manufactured overseas, making it difficult to increase U.S. content.

LED lighting products used for commercial, architectural, institutional, and other large projects tend to have a higher percentage of U.S. content (both parts and assembly) than those used in residential settings. Of the residential products, custom, niche, or higher-end tend to have more U.S. content and assembly than those found on big box store shelves. High costs like tooling, small profit margins and significant competition make it difficult to manufacture affordable U.S.-made products for the average homeowner or tenant.

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Company Location
BTS LED Inc. Brea, California
Bulbrite Industries Moonachie, New Jersey
Carpenter Emergency Lighting Hamilton, New Jersey
Carson Technology Company Santa Fe Springs, California
CEC Industries, Ltd. Lincolnshire, Illinois
Celestial Lighting Santa Fe Springs, California
Cerno Group Aliso Viejo, California
CLARTE Lighting Covina, California
Cleanlife Energy LLC Valley View, Ohio
Con-Tech Lighting Northbrook, Illinois
Concealite Elkton, South Dakota
Core Lighting Group, Inc. Compton, California
Creative LED Designs Crystal River, Florida
Cree, Inc. Durham, North Carolina
Crystal Lighting Santa Fe Springs, California
Crystorama Lighting Westbury, New York
CSE Product Development Norton Shores, Michigan
Current City of Industry, California
Current, powered by GE Plympton, Massachusetts
Current, powered by GE Bradenton, Florida
Current, powered by GE Bristol, Pennsylvania
Current, powered by GE El Dorado, Arkansas
Current, powered by GE Christiansburg, Virginia
Current, powered by GE Longmont, Colorado
Current, powered by GE City of Industry, California
Current, powered by GE Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Current, powered by GE Montvale, New Jersey
CYRON Inc. Chatsworth, California
Dauer Manufacturing Medley, Florida
Day-O-Lite Manufacturing Warwick, Rhode Island
Dazor Lighting Technology St. Louis, Missouri
Deco Lighting Commerce, California
Designers Fountain Compton, California
Designers Fountain, Inc. Rancho Dominguez, California
DLU Lighting Pacoima, California
DMF Lighting Carson, California
Dolan Designs Portland, Oregon
Eag-LED Tampa, Florida
EarthTronics, Inc. Norton Shores, Michigan
Eaton Aurora, Colorado
Eaton Bloomington, California
Eaton Camarillo, California
Eaton Peachtree City, Georgia
Eaton Vicksburg, Mississippi
Eaton Hicksville, New York
Eclipse Lighting Inc. Schiller Park, Illinois
Eco-Story LLC Portland, Maine
EcoSense Lighting Company Ltd. Los Angeles, California
Edison Opto Corporation Ontario, California
Edison Price Lighting Long Island City, New York