Sector: Heating, Ventilation, & A/C

Market Overview: The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market is the largest energy-efficient product sector in the United States in terms of dollar volume and boasts a significant amount of domestic manufacturing. Products made here feed the domestic market and are exported to markets around the world.

The market for advanced HVAC products is growing, fueled primarily by the ongoing replacement of older units as well as continued demand from regulators and consumers for new and increasingly efficient products. Heating and air conditioning equipment is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating, defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. The SEER rating measures the ratio of heating/cooling to the amount of energy input. Increasingly stronger building standards and government incentives are driving retrofits and new construction, which drives demand for efficient HVAC systems.

Large HVAC equipment such as central air conditioning, furnaces, and boilers continue to be made in the United States with significant domestic content. In contrast, smaller products—such as window air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and ceiling fans (except for high-end)—are exclusively manufactured outside the United States. Exhaust fans and similar ventilation products are an exception to the size rule as they are made both domestically and overseas. 

Manufacturers in the HVAC market became more consolidated during the late 2010s due to buyouts; however, the four largest manufacturers still only account for half of industry-wide market share. The diverse set of products manufactured for the HVAC market, especially in non-residential sectors, have attracted many small to medium-sized manufacturers across the country, many of them with 20 employees or fewer. While the larger manufacturers are more nationally recognized, there are still smaller, independently owned and operated U.S. manufacturers making products such as boil­ers, commercial systems, and geothermal systems to meet regional market needs. Ductwork, especially commercial ductwork, is especially localized due to the need for custom fabrication and installation. [iv] [v]

Company Location
Thermo Products, LLC Denton, North Carolina
Thermwell Products Company Inc. Sparks, Nevada
Thermwell Products Company Inc. Mahwah, New Jersey
Thrush Company Inc. Peru, Indiana
Thybar Corporation Addison, Illinois
Thybar Corporation Farmers Branch, Texas
Thybar Corporation Akron, Ohio
Thybar Corporation Louisville, Kentucky
Thybar Corporation Sparks, Nevada
Tjernlund Producs White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Topog-E Gasket Company Tulsa, Oklahoma
Total Petrochemicals USA La Porte, Texas
Total Petrochemicals USA Pasadena, Texas
Total Petrochemicals USA Houston, Texas
Touchstone Home Products Exton, Pennsylvania
Toyotomi USA, Inc. Brookfield, Connecticut
TPI Corporation Gray, Tennessee
Trane Fort Smith, Arkansas
Trane Vidalia, Georgia
Trane Trenton, New Jersey
Trane Davidson, North Carolina
Trane Tyler, Texas
Trane Commercial Rushville, Indiana
Trane Commercial Lexington, Kentucky
Trane Commercial Columbia, South Carolina
Trane Commercial Clarksville, Tennessee
Trane Commercial McGregor, Texas
Trane Commercial La Crosse, Wisconsin
Trane Commercial Fort Smith, Arkansas
Trane Commercial Pueblo, Colorado
Trane Commercial Panama City, Florida
Trane Commercial Macon, Georgia
Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company Inc. Mesa, Arizona
Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company Inc. Holland, Michigan
Transducers Direct Cincinnati, Ohio
Tranter Wichita Falls, Texas
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Davisville, West Virginia
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Poca, West Virginia
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Morgantown, West Virginia
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Ridgeley, West Virginia
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Lexington, Kentucky
Triangle Manufacturing Company Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Trim-Lok Inc. Buena Park, California
Trim-Lok Inc. Elkhart, Indiana
Trinseo Berwyn, Pennsylvania
Trinseo Dalton, Georgia
Trolex Corporation Randolph, New Jersey
TROX USA Inc. Cummings, Georgia
TRUaire Santa Fe Springs, California
TSI Supercool Inc. Lake Worth, Florida