Allied Concrete Products, LLC

a subsidiary of Oldcastle APG
Foreign owned: Ireland
1231 Willis Road Richmond, VA 23237 United States
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Product description(s)
pre-blended stucco and grout, glazed concrete masonry units, concrete masonry units, insulated concrete units
CSI code / Product type
03 61 00 Cementitious grouting
04 22 00 Concrete unit masonry
04 22 19 Insulated concrete unit masonry
04 22 23 Architectural concrete unit masonry
09 24 23 Cement stucco
Brand name(s)
Amerimix, Trenwyth, Quik-Brik, InsulTech
a CRH company
Foreign Owned HQ in U.S.
Foreign Owned HQ in U.S.
Foreign Owned Manufacturing Onsite
Foreign Owned Manufacturing Onsite