Airxcel Inc.

3050 N. St. Francis Street Wichita, KS 67219 United States
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Product description(s)
multifamily gas-fired package terminal air conditioners, commercial, industrial and institutional wall mounted outdoor air conditioners, vertical unit ventilators, heat pumps, energy recovery ventilator
CSI code / Product type
23 82 23 Unit ventilators
23 81 46 Water source unitary heat pumps
23 72 00 Air to air energy recovery equipment
23 82 41 Water to water heat pumps
23 81 43 Air-source unitary heat pumps
23 81 13 Packaged terminal air-conditioners
23 81 19 Self-contained air-conditioners
Brand name(s)
Aqua-Hot, Coleman Mach, MaxxAir, Suburban
U.S. Owned HQ
U.S. Owned HQ
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Onsite
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Onsite
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