Hubbell Electric Heater Company

45 Seymour Street Stratford, CT 06615 United States
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P.O. Box 288 Stratford, CT 6615 United States

Product description(s)
commercial water heaters: electric low capacity and high capacity, gas fired, special purpose, steam fired, indirect fired; residential water heaters: electric low capacity, gas fired and indirect fired
CSI code / Product type
22 33 30 Residential electric domestic water heaters
22 34 30 Residential gas domestic water heaters
22 35 00 Domestic water heat exchangers
22 33 30.16 Residential storage electric domestic water heaters
Brand name(s)
see Vaughn Thermal
U.S. Owned HQ
U.S. Owned HQ
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Onsite
U.S. Owned Manufacturing Onsite
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