Water Filtration Systems That Target Toxics

Americans expect that when they turn on the faucet they are getting clean and safe water. All too often though, towns and cities across our nation are discovering they have contaminated water.


The Flint, Michgan, water crisis exposed problems in the U.S. infrastructure that increase the public’s possible exposure to hazardous chemicals in the water supply. With a lack of infrastructure investment, dangerous pollutants in this nation’s water supply are nowhere near being eradicated. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council conducted an analysis showing that in 2015 around 18 million people, served by 5,363 community water systems, were exposed to drinking water from systems that violated water safety rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).The map below shows how big the water infrastructure problem is in our country.

water quality is a huge issue for millions of Americans

There are many chemicals that may leach into our water supply and harm us, such as lead, copper, perchlorate and arsenic. Bacteria like e-coli and radiological contaminants also can contaminate our drinking water. While there are many potential exposures, we are focusing on three chemicals that are dangerous to human health—and to children in particular—and frequently show up in our water supply: perchloratearsenic 3arsenic 5 and lead. Below we outline the health effects of these chemicals and what you can do to help protect your family from them.