Sealants Sector

Formaldehyde can turn up in small amounts in acrylic latex caulks where it serves as a preservative.

How can this chemical affect my health?

Acute (Short Term) Effects

icon_toxic-orange.pngToxic to Humans & Animals – Can be fatal on contact, ingestion or inhalation for humans and other mammals.

eye-orange.pngIrritates the Eyes – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the eye.

corrosive-orange.pngIrritates the Skin – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the skin.


Chronic (Long Term) Effects

cancer-red.pngCancer – Can cause or increase the risk of cancer.

dna-orange.pngGene Damage – Can cause or increase the rate of mutations, which are changes in genetic material in cells.

asthma-orange.pngAsthma Trigger – Can result in high sensitivity so that small quantities trigger asthma, nose or sinus inflammation or other allergic reactions in the respiratory system.

corrosive-orange.pngSensitizes the Skin – Can lead to allergic reactions on the skin.

pregnancy-yellow.pngBirth Defects – Can cause harm to the developing child including birth defects, low birth weight and biological or behavioral problems that appear as the child grows.