Sector: Water Filtration

Market Overview: Compared to other developed nations, public water utilities in the United States deliver the cleanest water. However, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed in 2016 that more than 5,300 water systems in America are in violation of the EPA's lead and copper rule indicating that more still needs to be done to improve the nation's water supply, especially for those who are served by aging infrastructure.[x]

These growing concerns about water quality, both domestically and globally, have led to an increased demand for water filtration systems around the world. Additionally, more awareness about bottled water's negative health and environmental impacts is slowing sales in that market while boosting it for water purifiers.

Despite the global nature of water filtration manufacturing, the BuildingClean database captures numerous water filtration companies from the United States and Canada. It covers eight types of water technologies and systems: pitcher filtration, faucet-mounted/countertop filtration, under sink/in-line filtration, reverse osmosis, whole house filtration, distillation, and ultraviolet and commercial units. 

In recent years, the Midwest has seen the highest demand for water purifiers in the United States, followed by the Western states with faucet-mounted, carbon-based filters witnessing the largest growth. Consumers also prefer under sink purifiers, but growing water quality concerns have created an increase in the use of reverse osmosis systems, which can eliminate more chemicals and other impurities.

In terms of manufacturing footprint, the United States seems to be more prevalent in the custom manufacturing of whole-house filtration systems and commercial assemblies and less involved in creating smaller systems and filters. The reason may be that it is more cost-effective to build larger systems domestically like the HVAC and appliance markets. 

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Company Location
Pentair Residential Filtration LLC Winamac, Indiana
Pentair Residential Filtration LLC Dover, New Hampshire
Pentair Residential Filtration LLC Hanover Park, Illinois
Perfect Water Technologies Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona
Performance Water Products Inc. Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Performance Water Products Inc. Buena Park, California
Pionetics Corporation San Carlos, California
Premier Peoria, Arizona
Procam Controls Inc. Plano, Texas
Pure & Secure LLC Lincoln, Nebraska
Pure T Water Treatment Technologies Chino, California
PureBlueH2O LLC Tampa, Florida
PurePro USA Mokena, Illinois
Puromax by FSHS Inc. Port Charlotte, Florida
Puronics Water Systems Inc. Livermore, California
QMP Inc. Valencia, California
Rainshow'r San Gabriel, California
Rainsoft Water Conditioning Company Roselle, Illinois
Rayne Corporation San Diego, California
Renaware International Santa Fe Springs, California
Renaware International Bellevue, Washington
Safe Water Technologies Inc. Elgin, Illinois
Safeway Water Ocala, Florida
Selecto Scientific Inc. Suwanee, Georgia
Seychelle Environmental Technologies Inc. San Juan Capistrano, California
Southeastern Filtration and Equipment Systems Canton, Georgia
Sprite Industries Inc. Corona, California
Swift Green Filters Inc. Manning, South Carolina
Tomlinson Industries Macedonia, Ohio
Tomlinson Industries Cleveland, Ohio
Triangular Wave Technologies Inc. Montvale, New Jersey
Trusco Manufacturing Grand Rapids, Michigan
TST Water LLC Temecula, California
US Water Filters Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana
USA Filtration Systems Davisburg, Michigan
Vertex Water Products Inc. Montclair, California
Vitasalus Inc. Troy, Michigan
Water Initiative LLC The Norwalk, Connecticut
Water Initiative LLC The McConnells, South Carolina
Water Safety Corporation of America Reno, Nevada
Water Source LLC Mansfield, Ohio
Water-Right Appleton, Wisconsin
Waterboss Inc. Groveport, Ohio
Waterline Technology Mansfield, Ohio
WaterSafe Systems Brea, California
WaterSoft Inc. Ashland, Ohio
Waterwise Inc. Leesburg, Florida
Waterworld USA Inc. Houston, Texas
Watts Water Technologies Inc. North Andover, Massachusetts
Western Water International Inc. Forestville, Maryland