Sector: Roofing

Market Overview: Growth in new residential and commercial construction and increased investment into improving existing properties have created steady economic growth in the roofing industry over the past several years. The majority of product market share in the residential sector is due to replacement roofing. Steep-slope asphalt is the primary product used as it is inexpensive, easy to install, and durable; however, it requires regular replacement. Although small compared to asphalt and clay- or concrete-based tiles, the use of metal roofing with cooling coatings has emerged as a more environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and energy-efficient option growing in residential settings. It has a higher initial cost than asphalt, but homeowners are starting to make the investment. The same is true with insulated metal roof panels, which offer additional energy-saving benefits. 

Synthetic or polymer-based roofing is still a niche market but may gain popularity to replace natural shake and slate roofing that can be high maintenance. These products create little waste in the installation process compared to natural alternatives, last much longer, and contain recycled content. 

In the commercial sector, demand for built-up (or tar and gravel) roofing is shrinking as single-ply is growing. Single-ply refers to the class of roofing membranes used on low-slope roofs that are made from compounded sheets of synthetic materials, including modified bitumen, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), and PVC. TPO has the highest growth rate, but PVC is growing quickly.

Roofing products are mostly manufactured and used domestically. Tile roofs are manufactured regionally in the markets where they are most used: California, Florida, and the Southwest. Tiles, shingles, and metal panels are predominantly made in the United States, with most manufacturers operating multiple U.S. production facilities. Metal roofing is the most localized segment, with many small manufacturers custom building products for their immediate market. Roofing products that are most often manufactured overseas include peripheral items like reflective coatings, adhesives, and paints. However, the majority of these products are still made in the U.S. as well.

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Company Location
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Spokane, Washington
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Fort Smith, Arkansas
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Jacksonville, Florida
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Louisville, Kentucky
Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation Independence, Missouri
MetalTech-USA Peachtree City, Georgia
Metl-Span Shelbyville, Indiana
Metl-Span Lewisville, Texas
Metl-Span Prince George, Virginia
Metl-Span North Las Vegas, Nevada
MFM Building Products Corporation Coshocton, Ohio
Midwest Manufacturing Terre Haute, Indiana
Midwest Manufacturing Valley, Nebraska
Midwest Manufacturing Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Midwest Manufacturing Shelby, Iowa
Midwest Manufacturing McKenzie, North Dakota
Midwest Manufacturing Shell Rock, Iowa
Midwest Manufacturing Pioneer, Ohio
Midwest Manufacturing Plano, Illinois
Midwest Manufacturing Saginaw, Michigan
Midwest Manufacturing Iron Ridge, Wisconsin
Millennium Metals Inc. Jacksonville, Florida
Miller Shingle Company LLC Granite Falls, Washington
Morton Buildings Inc. Morton, Illinois
Mueller Inc. Willis, Texas
Mueller Inc. Oak Grove, Louisiana
Mueller Inc. Amarillo, Texas
Mueller Inc. Ballinger, Texas
Mule-Hide Products Company Inc. Beloit, Wisconsin
MW/MB LLC Clarksville, Tennessee
National Coatings Corporation Camarillo, California
NCFI Polyurethanes Mount Airy, North Carolina
NCFI Polyurethanes Clearfield, Utah
Neogard Corporation Dallas, Texas
New England Slate Company Poultney, Vermont
Newmont Slate Company West Pawlet, Vermont
Noll Manufacturing Company Stockton, California
North Star Metals Manufacturing Company Inc. Uhrichsville, Ohio
Northern Building Systems Dalton, Massachusetts
Norwesco Northwest Metal Products LLC Fife, Washington
Nouryon Augusta, Georgia
Nouryon Green Bay, Wisconsin
Nouryon Marietta, Georgia
Novelis Atlanta, Georgia
Novelis Oswego, New York
Novelis Fairmont, West Virginia
Nucor Building Systems Waterloo, Indiana
Nucor Building Systems Swansea, South Carolina
Nucor Building Systems Terrell, Texas