Sector: Building Enclosure

Market Overview: The building enclosure, also called the building envelope, is the outer structure of a building, which separates the interior of the building from the outdoors. It keeps moisture, winds, and pests out while keeping conditioned (heated/cooled) air inside. As a result, the building enclosure is essential for maintaining the interior comfort and health of occupants.

For an exterior wall, the enclosure typically includes all building components from the interior surface of the wall (drywall/gypsum wallboard) outward to the exterior surface/façade of the building, including windows and doors. For foundations, building components extend from the interior surface of the foundation wall and floor/concrete slab outward to the foundation insulation and soil.

The way buildings are constructed varies, but as an example, here are the common building enclosure components of an exterior wall. Starting from the exterior of a building, the outermost layer is the rain-screen/cladding/siding layer, which keeps out most rain or bulk water from entering the building. Commonly, some wind-driven water will get past, but the next layers stop it: exterior (board-type) insulation and/or the weather/vapor/air barrier that is attached to the sheathing or concrete block.

Next is wood or steel wall framing, which supports the sheathing. Facilities manufacturing the components of this framing are vast and not included on The cavities of the framed wall are filled with insulation and are finally topped by drywall/gypsum wallboard to provide the interior surface of the exterior wall. This is the last layer of the building enclosure. has separate sectors on roofing, insulation, joint sealants, and windows, doors, and skylights that together with the building enclosure listings represent U.S. manufacturing in this important building concept.

It is only relatively recently and due to significant improvements in technology that have resulted in many cross-over products that the building enclosure concept has begun to drive construction and design. The linkage with occupant health through mold prevention and keeping out pollution and pests has brought even more visibility on the importance of what's called a "tight" envelope to keep both the structure and its occupants sound.

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Company Location
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Rochelle, Illinois
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Woodland, California
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Dade City, Florida
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Vienna, Ohio
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Miami, Florida
ClarkDietrich Building Systems Riverside, California
ClarkDietrich Building Systems McDonough, Georgia
CO Building Systems Inc. Ephraim, Utah
Coastal Plywood Chapman, Alabama
Coastal Plywood Havana, Florida
Coated Metals Group Phoenix, Arizona
Coated Metals Group Verona, Wisconsin
Coated Metals Group Denver, Colorado
Coated Metals Group Indianapolis, Indiana
Coated Metals Group New Brighton, Minnesota
Coating Resins Cary, North Carolina
Coating Resins Torrance, California
Coating Resins Hahnville, Louisiana
Color Rite Yukon, Oklahoma
Columbia River Carbonates Woodland, Washington
Concrete Block Insulating System West Brookfield, Massachusetts
Concrete Sealants Inc. Tipp City, Ohio
Conproco Corporation Somersworth, New Hampshire
Consolidated Fabricators Corporation Fontana, California
Consolidated Fabricators Corporation Galt, California
Construction Metals Inc. Denver, California
Construction Metals Inc. Jurupa Valley, California
Consumers Concrete Corporation Kalamazoo, Michigan
Consumers Concrete Corporation Wyoming, Michigan
Consumers Concrete Corporation Kalamazoo, Michigan
Continental Building Products Buchanan, New York
Continental Building Products Palatka, Florida
Continental Building Products Herndon, Virginia
Continental Building Products Silver Grove, Kentucky
Continental Coatings Inc. Fontana, California
Contractors Materials Company Cincinnati, Ohio
Corinthian Cast Stone Inc. Wyandanch, New York
Cornell Performance Building Products Cornell, Wisconsin
Corrugated Industries Inc. Chalmette, Louisiana
Corrugated Metals Inc. Belvidere, Illinois
County Materials Corporation Eau Claire, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Weston, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Tomahawk, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Green Bay, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Merrill, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Roberts, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Antigo, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Hazelhurst, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Milwaukee, Wisconsin
County Materials Corporation Whitestown, Indiana