Stoddard solvent

Stoddard solvent is a mixture of numerous hydrocarbons derived by refining crude oil. It is widely used in many different type of sealants.

How can this chemical affect my health?

Acute (Short Term) Effects

corrosive-orange.png Irritates the Skin – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the skin.

icon_toxic-orange.png Toxic to Humans & Animals – Can be fatal on contact, ingestion or inhalation for humans and other mammals.

Chronic (Long Term) Effects

cancer-red.png Cancer – Can cause or increase the risk of cancer.

dna-red.png Gene Damage – Can cause or increase the rate of mutations, which are changes in genetic material in cells.

other-orange.png Other Health Effects – Can cause serious damage on contact or ingestion.

brain-gray.png Brain/Nervous System Harm – Can cause damage to the nervous system including the brain.