Sector: Plumbing

Market Overview: U.S. demand for plumbing products is ris­ing and expected to grow in the coming years as new construction, retrofitting and remodeling for energy and water efficiency grows.

However, of all the energy efficiency sectors, water sav­ing products are the most likely to be imported.  Of the more than 200 water product man­ufacturers researched for this project, about 75% of them are manufacturing overseas and importing their products to the U.S.  In fact, the International Trade Administration states that exports in this market grew only 1.5% between 2010 and 2013. This number accounts for both finished products like toilets, faucets and showerheads and unfinished plumbing products like piping.

It is common in this market for U.S. owned companies to oper­ate their own manufacturing facilities overseas or multiple companies will contract with the same overseas manufacturer to produce their brands.   Because the U.S. is one of only three countries not using the met­ric system, exporting within the rough materials markets is difficult. Water conservation standard differences among other countries compared to the U.S. also impact our export possibilities.

The remaining 25% of plumbing product manufacturers do so domestically and include some of the largest, best known Original Equipment Manufacturer’s in the U.S.  Additionally, because of shipping costs and rising wages in countries like China, toilet manufacturing in the U.S. has seen a turnaround recently with both U.S. and foreign owned com­panies producing toilets on U.S. soil.  Currently there are seven U.S. plants manu­facturing toilets.

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Company Location
American Standard Brands Piscataway, New Jersey
American Standard Brands Salem, Ohio
Atlantis Whirlpools Miami, Florida
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company Lancaster, Texas
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company Brownstown Charter Township, Michigan
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company Novi, Michigan
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company Corona, California
BrassCraft Manufacturing Company Thomasville, North Carolina
Brasstech, Inc. Santa Ana, California
California Faucets Huntington Beach, California
Delta Faucet Company Jackson, Tennessee
Delta Faucet Company Indianapolis, Indiana
Delta Faucet Company Greensburg, Indiana
Delta Faucet Company Morgantown, Kentucky
Eastman Rockwall, Texas
EZ-FLO International, Inc. Ontario, California
FLUSHMATE New Hudson, Michigan
Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC Woodridge, Illinois
Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC Laredo, Texas
Hansgrohe Inc. USA Alpharetta, Georgia
Innovative Insulation Inc. Arlington, Texas
Kohler Company Spartanburg, South Carolina
Kohler Company Kohler, Wisconsin
Kohler Company Brownwood, Texas
Kohler Company Huntsville, Alabama
Kohler Company Sheridan, Arkansas
Liberty Pumps Bergen, New York
M-D Building Products Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
M-D Building Products Gainesville, Georgia
Mansfield Plumbing Products Big Prairie, Ohio
Mansfield Plumbing Products Perrysville, Ohio
Mansfield Plumbing Products Henderson, Texas
Moen North Olmstead, Ohio
Moen New Bern, North Carolina
Moen Sanford, North Carolina
Moen Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
Neoperl, Inc. Waterbury, Connecticut
Northwestern Ohio Foam Products, Inc. (NOFP) Wauseon, Ohio
Orenco Systems, Inc. Sutherlin, Oregon
Phoenix Products Inc. Avon, Ohio
Reflectix, Inc. Markleville, Indiana
Rock Wool Manufacturing Company Leeds, Alabama
Sloan Foundry Augusta, Arkansas
Sloan Valve Company West Newton, Massachusetts
Sloan Valve Company Franklin Park, Illinois
Sprite Industries, Inc. Corona, California
Star Water Systems Kendallville, Indiana
Sterling Plumbing Kohler, Wisconsin
Sunrise Specialty Company Oakland, California
Symmons Industries Inc. Braintree, Massachusetts