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Good information is the key to making the best decisions on how to improve your business. The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation’s Building Clean database can provide you with the data you need. The database focuses on U.S. sited companies that produce safe, energy efficient building materials. With this database, you can discover potential suppliers, learn about what other manufacturers in your sector and community are doing, and identify opportunities to expand.

Not only are energy efficient products better for the environment, they provide significant opportunities for American manufacturers to grow their business. Most products purchased for energy efficient retrofits contain over 90% domestically made content. A report by Navigant Research indicates that the market for energy efficient goods is expected to double in the next decade as demand increases across the world. The United States is well positioned to take a leading role in the expansion of the building green market, as U.S. manufactured products have a strong reputation for quality. There are many niches that U.S. manufacturers can move into and succeed in. For example, while the low end of the lighting market is dominated by imports, domestic companies are major players in the market for high end lighting products.

What the database can help you do

  • Learn about the economic outlook of your sector of manufacturing and find new opportunities for expansion. The database breaks down the building product industry into five sectors: Building Shell, HVAC, Appliances, Lighting and Water. Each section provides an overview on the economic outlook and strengths and weaknesses of U.S. manufacturing in the sector.
  • Assess competitors, source inputs and find OEMs. The interactive map provides information on manufacturers in your region. You also can search based on location, tier, and company ownership.


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