Company Search: Architect, Designer and Engineer

The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation’s Building Clean database focuses on companies in the United States that produce safe, energy efficient building materials. Using this database, you can learn more about the products that are used in green buildings, and locate locally manufactured and healthy energy efficient products.

This database can help you reach local content goals, which boosts the U.S. economy. Building material companies create thousands of quality manufacturing jobs across the country. A report by Navigant Research indicates that the market for energy efficient products is expected to double in the next decade as demand increases across the world, and the United States expects to take a major role in providing the next generation of building materials. The database covers products in five sectors: Building Shell, HVAC, Appliances, Lighting and Water. The database also provides resources on locating building products that do not contain harmful chemicals that impact the health of occupants or installers. Using safe sealants and insulation will protect the inhabitants in your building and the workers who build it, as well as help you meet air quality standards.

What our database can help you do:

  • Locate products that have health certifications. The database contains information on certifications for safe and environmentally friendly building products. Use the certification filter if you want to locate products that have a specific designation. To learn more about product safety certifications, visit the Harmful Chemicals section.
  • Find local suppliers and learn about manufacturers in your community. This database can help you save costs on sourcing materials and meet goals for locally made content. Visit the interactive map section or the state index to locate companies in your area. You also can use the sector tabs, the CSI code or the generic search box to locate companies that offer a specific product.