Using the Database

We recognize that there will be many different audiences including manufacturers, building owners, contractors, tenants and non-profit organizations using the information included below and have attempted to make the search functions for the database as simple and user friendly as possible.

The Company Search section lists the all companies included in database in alphabetical order, indicating the industry sector they are in as well as location by state. On the left hand column, users can search for companies by major industry sector, CSI code, whether they are OEM’s or suppliers, geographic location and whether they manufacture in the U.S.

The individual sections on Building Shell, HVAC, Appliances, Lighting and Water are designed for more advanced searches, where users can initiate searches by sub-sector categories for each major product line and use the same broad search criteria.

In addition, the supply chain map can identify the location of individual companies or clusters of companies by state or region. The My Account function allows users to set up their own accounts and download data – please note that company/product information will be added on a regular basis.