About the Database

This energy efficient housing products database is designed to better inform and assist those involved in the selection of housing products and materials for residential retrofits about U.S. manufactured product options as well as help identify potential health hazards associated with certain energy efficient products and the available alternatives.

Additionally, this tool serves as a material supply chain database for both current and potential product manufacturers and can provide insight regarding energy efficient product markets, major players, what they manufacture and within what Tier, and where products come from be it regionally, nationally or internationally.

The database can be divided into two sections. The first section focuses on understanding the manufacturing picture and supply chain of housing products in five major housing product categories: HVAC, Appliances, Building Shell, Lighting and Water, which includes toilets, showerheads and bathroom faucets. The building shell category currently focuses on insulation products only, but is currently being expanded to include sealants.

The second section of the database is devoted to housing products and materials that may contain harmful chemicals. While energy efficient housing products decrease energy bills and provide environmental benefits, our research has indicated that insulation products are one of the primary energy efficient materials that may be harmful to the health of tenants and installers. This section identifies specific chemicals that are known to carry potential health hazards and highlights housing products that contain these types of chemicals as well as potential health hazards.

To date, close to 1300 companies, mostly Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), manufacturing energy and water efficient products have been included in this database. A smaller number of Tier 1 – 3 companies who are part of the manufacturing supply chain for these products are also included. This is a searchable database and users can hone in on individual companies, major product categories or subsectors by also using CSI MasterFormat codes. The supply chain map is a search function that allows users to actually see where energy efficient products are being manufactured within a specific region.

The source of many of the companies listed here are those associated with products certified under the voluntary ENERGY STAR and WaterSense programs managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through these initiatives, the EPA allows the labelling of products that meet or exceed standards set by the EPA for energy and water efficiency. Users of this database should recognize that it is the product itself that receives an authorized label, not the company manufacturing or applying the label to the product. As a result, many companies manufacture and sell a range of similar products that both have and do not have ENERGY STAR or WaterSense labels.

Our research to date also indicates that a high percentage of energy efficiency housing products are manufactured by U.S. owned companies and many are made on U.S. soil. Though our database is not 100% inclusive, it does represent a significant across the board sampling of companies collected from a variety of online sources as well as conversations with industry representatives.

For questions or further information please contact info@thecemc.org.