About the Clean Economy Manufacturing Center

The Clean Economy Manufacturing Center (CEMC) is a collaborative venture of like-minded private and public sector partners who support the growth of a vibrant, domestic clean energy economy. We are an initiative of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) organization that conducts research and educates the public and media about solutions to environmental challenges that create economic opportunities for the American people.

Energy has fast become one of the most important sectors driving the U.S. economy. But policy uncertainty, shifting energy markets and dramatic pricing changes are making it harder than ever for industry and the economic development community to evaluate the best opportunities for growth and new investment.

The CEMC offers a range of complementary strategic management services that help our clients — public officials (at the state/local level), economic development organizations and companies — identify opportunities, as well as develop and implement effective initiatives to meet their goals and objectives in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Our services include technical assistance to companies, outreach services in the form of workshops/seminars/webinars, and research identifying emerging market opportunities for companies and communities.