2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid

In sealants, acetic acid is released as certain types of rubberized silicone sealants cure by absorbing water from the atmosphere.

How can this chemical affect my health?

Acute (Short Term) Effects

icon_toxic-yellow.png Toxic to Humans & Animals – Can be fatal on contact, ingestion or inhalation for humans and other mammals.

eye-yellow.png Irritates the Eyes – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the eye.

corrosive-yellow.png Irritates the Skin – Can cause irritation or serious damage to the skin.

Chronic (Long Term) Effects

reproductive-red.png Reproductive Harm – Can disrupt the male or female reproductive systems, changing sexual development, behavior or functions, decreasing fertility, or resulting in loss of the fetus during pregnancy.

pregnancy-orange.png Birth Defects – Can cause harm to the developing child including birth defects, low birth weight and biological or behavioral problems that appear as the child grows.

endocrine-orange.png Endocrine Disruption – Can interfere with hormone communication between cells which controls metabolism, development, growth, reproduction and behavior (the endocrine system).

asthma-yellow.png Asthma Trigger – Can result in high sensitivity so that small quantities trigger asthma, nose or sinus inflammation or other allergic reactions in the respiratory system.

other-yellow.png Other Health Effects – Can cause serious damage on contact or ingestion.

brain-gray.png Brain/Nervous System Harm – Can cause damage to the nervous system including the brain.