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Improving efficiency, health, and equity in housing and creating good jobs. 


How We Build Matters

Building Clean works to increase the use of building products that are more efficient, less toxic, and manufactured in the U.S. We aim to improve the physical, environmental, and economic health of communities and promote a more equitable future for all.

Use our Database to Find U.S. Manufacturers of:

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Find Efficient and Healthier Building Products

Building Clean is partnering with Ecomedes to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on thousands of building products that carry labels and certifications for efficiency and safer chemical content.

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Manufacturing Matters

Buying building products made by U.S. manufacturers helps support and grow good manufacturing jobs in communities throughout the country.

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Unions Matter

Unions make life better for workers and their families. They are at the forefront of helping our buildings become more efficient and healthier.

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Justice and Health Equity Matters

Building Clean is dedicated to ensuring justice and equity through purposeful actions and education on healthier and non-toxic building materials in affordable housing and safer fenceline communities.

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